Thursday, November 27, 2014

Back Pain Therapy

The human back is the largest structural part of the body. It helps us keep the body straight against the gravity and move in various directions.

The back has many supportive structures like the vertebral column (backbone), rib cage, muscles and other soft tissues.

The backbone is formed by 33 pieces of bones. In an adult, the 24 bones are movable and separated by cushioning discs. The remaining lower 9 pieces (sacrum and tailbone) are fused and attached to the pelvic bones.

Backbones also make protective canals for the spinal cord from the brain and that connect to the different organs and body parts.
The human back has three regions:
  • The upper back (neck and shoulder region)
  • The middle back (thoracic region)
  • The lower back (lumbar region and the tailbone area)

Among the three regions, the lower back is the most vulnerable for injuries, because of its flexibility and mobility.
Back pain is the most common symptom. Many of us must have experienced back pain several times in our lives. It can affect everyone from adolescents to adults, due to various reasons.
Recent studies indicate that a sedentary lifestyle and jobs performed sitting for a long time like computer work are the reasons for increase in the back pain cases.

Back pain based on its duration can be classified as:
  • Acute (recently started)
  • Chronic (exists for many weeks)